Uniquely yours- Choosing a theme for your wedding stationery.

Designing your own wedding stationery has never been easier. With a plethora of illustrative apps and design functions available for download, possibilities for your bespoke invitation are endless. Depending on how creative you feel inspirational apps such as Pinterest and Instagram all proffer an incredible range of ideas on what to buy, where to purchase from and how to make. Here are just a few themes to ponder.
Use vintage motifs such as love birds, butterflies and bunting to portray a vintage theme, add choice lettering and pastel colours to bring together endless combinations of this delightful theme. Flora, fauna and any background with fresh flowers can denote your colour scheme and the style of the ceremony. Choose flowers that have a meaning to you or your family or a specific attribute that is associated with it. For example Daisy’s say simple, sweet and charming whilst Roses say classic and romantic. The smallest of details can create the perfect finishing touches.
Gold, silver and bronze lettering on simple parchments create a classic theme. The simplicity of clean lines will portray a stylish wedding theme that is unfussy and elegant. Hand tie the inserts with co-ordinating ribbon for a stylish appearance.
Ornate borders, unusual typography and old postcard style invites are a uniquely different way of telling your personal story. Whether its art nouveau postcards, turn of the century circus bravura, or any other style from your chosen historical era, mimicking the antique looks stunning and with your own original twist provides a unique authenticity.