Top tips for the perfect bridal make-up.

1. All professional make-up artists say that a trial make-up session is a must and preferably a month before the wedding. Always a fake tan test too, so that the make-up artist can match the correct colours to your skin.

2. Wearing a white t-shirt to your make-up trial will help you to see what your skin and the make-up will look like next to the colour of your wedding dress.

3. Research images of how you would like your make-up to look pre-trial. If you are after big luscious eyes then say so. If you want a more natural look then give examples. It will help you to get the right choice and style for you.

4. Bridal make-up does need enough colour in it so that the whiteness of your wedding dress will not wash you out.

5. Using individual lashes will make your eyes stand out and look far more natural than a stick on strip. They nestle into your natural lashes and will last for your honeymoon too.

6. Beautiful, natural skin is a great basis for make-up. Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious food to help your skin glow in plenty of time before your wedding day.

7. Always go PRO, professional make-up will always last longer. It provides superior wear and will see you through from day to night, with nothing more than the odd lipstick touch up. Research the application methods and practice your eye-makeup, for example using eyeliner or creating a line with eyeshadow instead.