The hunt is on for the perfect dress.

There should be a separate dictionary for words associated with ‘the perfect wedding dress’. Type in anything to do with weddings on google and ideas come alive like confetti. There are so many themes and colours, anything goes these days. Narrowing down a choice few dresses has got to be one of the toughest but most enjoyable, albeit frustrating, parts of the planning process. A few top tips spring to mind on the hunt for the perfect dress.
• I have found that once the season of the ceremony has been decided and the general theme, i.e abroad, rural, traditional church or Highland fling then choosing the style of the dress becomes slightly less daunting.
• Budget is often key and there are some amazing websites that offer super discounts. However part of the magic of a wedding is the build-up, so hunting around bridal shops with your girlfriends for the day and sipping on a glass of bubbly is all part of the enjoyment.
• As a top tip trying on dresses is important and fun. It will help determine what style suits you. Something you may have seen in a magazine may look totally different on reflection, so planning your entire, even down to the bridal accessories takes time, energy and love.
• Get motivated, Pinterest and Instagram are wonderful for swooning over beautiful pictures of gowns. Save them in a folder on your phone whenever you see something that you love.
• Be creative, think about altering a dress you may have seen in a charity shop, there can be some fantastic finds in vintage and second hand stores that some ingenious attention could do wonders too.
• Pour over magazines with a pack of post it notes, it’s fun and inspiring and will conjure other plans that you may not have thought of for your special day.