The charm of an outdoor wedding

The natural beauty of the outdoors makes a stunning backdrop for a wedding ceremony or party. It can create an automatic space for amazing photos as an outdoor environment will have beautiful light and an abundance of character. A natural space is often ‘photo ready’, not only will this provide a terrific backdrop for unusual photos but it will encapsulate the very theme of your day.
A natural environment calls for simplicity and elegance, light floral arrangements will accentuate any rustic elements of an open-air venue. If the actual ceremony is taking place outside, why not use votive or jam jars wrapped in natural rope, or malleable bark, fill with wild flowers, and hang them from the corners of the chairs lining the aisle. These flowers could be miniature versions of the bouquet the bride or her entourage are carrying and will bring everything that is elegant and simple to an outdoor wedding.
Idyllic settings can be created simply, hang lanterns from the trees outside or create a walkway filled with magic by placing them down either side of the aisle. Candelabras make striking centre pieces on the tables and will make your big day feel more like an intimate, fun dinner party in a secret garden.
Old antique picture frames look beautiful as seating plans, choose an array of different types for the tables and one large one as the main focal point. Minimalist tables can say so much more, choose fresh wild flowers, crisp white lines, and gleaming cutlery. Tie old brown luggage labels with ivy on white napkins as place settings to bring everything charming to the table that is natural and beautiful.