Make your wedding day at piece of history

Whatever theme you choose to run throughout your wedding day make sure it has significance for you as a couple. If it is just one simple custom that you have always thought beautiful or is an intrinsic element of your families’ heritage then whatever your budget this can and should be incorporated. Vintage themes are very popular at the moment, they incorporate a beautiful mix of bygone country times with quirky modern twists. Most venues allow you to decorate in some way your space, so thinking outside the box can make all the difference to how you and your guests remember your day.
• Go bunting mad, this is a lovely British custom that used to be one of the main ways of decorating a village for many a ceremony. Now we see all shapes, styles, colours and patterns adorning halls, streets and venues. It’s a fun way to combine the old with the new, why not make your own using fabrics that have meaning to your family, such as shapes cut from old dresses you may have worn as a child, this doesn’t have to be restricted to the wardrobe of the female members, why not use fabric from men’s shirts. It will be a keepsake to cherish forever, and perhaps become a new family heirloom.
• Want to create feelings of nostalgia then why not send your guests invitations on vintage postcards, with only an address to RSVP. Receiving something beautiful in the post is a rarity these days, so something for them from you, and you receive all replies in the same fashion. Wonderful keepsakes for everyone.
• Wrap flowers in twine and dot them around the venue. Bouquets of wild flowers for the bridesmaids as well as the bride add a wonderful authentic and nostalgic feel to a countryside, vintage themed wedding. Have them pressed and incorporated into the wedding album or on a stunning but simple piece of art that you create for yourselves after the event.