How to pick music for your wedding day.

The music you choose to play on your wedding day plays a large role, it will speak emotion, set the ambience and trigger beautiful memories. Therefore whatever type of music that you pick, it will set the theme and tone. So here are some top tips to think about;
1. Music will be played throughout the day, and will punctuate the beginning or the end to specific parts of the event, from what is played in the ceremony to the final dance. Instrumentals are generally good for background ambience, especially when guests are arriving, this is not the time for the rock n roll to kick in.
2. The processional requires two songs, one for the wedding party to walk down the aisle too and the other for the bride. Traditionally these are the “Wedding March” or “Pachabell Cannon”. Or you could choose a song that has particular significance to you and the groom.
3. If cocktails are being served between the ceremony and the reception then a playlist that is relaxing is good for this part of the day. Or maybe a harpist or violinist depending on your taste and budget.
4. The first dance is where music and meaning truly come to the fore. Some couples choose to go crazy and funny, others will learn and perform a dance and do something more whimsical or choose a song that has special meaning to them.
5. If you have employed a DJ or hired a band then give them a song list of the ‘’musts’ so everyone has a chance to get up onto the dance floor and shake their funky stuff.
6. Most importantly, make sure you cram in all of your favourites, having fun is what will make your day special and memorable for everyone.