M R James Ghost Stories

M R James Ghost Stories, performed by Robert Lloyd Parry.

On a wet and windy February night, the audience arrived at Larmer Tree to see Robert Lloyd Parry perform M R James Ghost Stories by Candlelight.

To add to the atmosphere, the audience were invited to walk through the garden to the Victorian Jubilee Hall.  The garden had been beautifully lit by our amazing gardeners Steve and Glenn.  Even on a rainy night the gardens are exceptional and it’s not often that visitors have the opportunity to see it in the dark so the experience was worth savouring.

Robert Lloyd Parry is an actor who brilliantly takes on the persona of M R James and performs across the country, bringing a little gentle terror to the lives of the public.

“When I moved to Cambridge, I was working at the Fitzwilliam Museum.  I discovered that MR James had been the director of the Museum in about 1905 when he first published his ghost stories.  He may well have written these stories in the book-lined shadowy rooms of the Fitzwilliam and that’s where, in fact, I first performed them.”

On this evening, Robert performed Canon Alberic’s Scrap-book, a story set in a cathedral city, at the foot of the Pyrenees in southern France. There was a 20 minute interval for the audience to refill their glasses and sample some of the tasty refreshments made by our wonderful caterers, Forking Out.  He then finished with The Mezzotint, about the curator of a university art museum who purchases a mezzotint from an art dealer.

Robert has been performing M R James Ghost Stories at Larmer Tree for 4 years now and many of the audience return year after year. We’ll let you know when there is a date for 2018.

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Robert Lloyd Parry