Get creative with your wedding photography.

1. The hand heart – hold hands with the groom, frame them into a shape of a heart and hold towards the sun or moon, for a romantic close up picture.
2. The generations of women in the family – a photograph of just the ring hands all together will make a wonderful image to keep.
3. Have a photograph of all of the wedding party standing in a heart shape in the grounds of your venue.
4. Get a quirky shot in black and white of the bridesmaids’, pre getting ready. Get them to peer through the top of the duvet cover with just their eyes and the tops of their heads showing.
5. Take a photograph of the reflection of the bride in a mirror, an alternative angle for a quirky shot.
6. Take requisite perspective pictures of the bride and groom for an image that’s artful.
7. Hold a thank you board with the groom and use for the front of your ‘thankyou’ cards.
8. Be creative with double exposure photography. This is a wonderful way of incorporating your venue into photographs in a highly unusual way. Check out Instagram and Pinterest for ideas.
9. Props and photo booths are being used creatively in many a wedding, it adds some humour and craziness to the traditional photos. So inject some fun, it’s great for the kids too.
10. The classic hat toss, military or not makes a fun and energised picture. Alternatively give the top hats to the bridesmaids and the bouquets to the groomsman to mix it up a bit.
11. The most urban and normal of landscapes make great before shots.
12. And whatever the weather, if it rains then parade the umbrella!