Choosing your dream cake, a few top tips.

Wedding cakes have taken an interesting and highly creative turn over the years. Anything goes these days, whether it’s a modern take on the traditional fruit cake, cupcakes of all different flavours, frills, decorations or edible flowers, the list is exciting yet endless. Here are a few tips to consider when thinking about and choosing your dream cake.
1. Mood Board.
Creating a mood board is a great place to start. This can be done for every aspect of your wedding but it’s also a fantastic place to start when it comes to designing your cake, which after all is a central part of the day. Cut out pictures from magazines, this could be anything from desserts to ideas for decoration, colour and fabric swatches. Take this to any consultation you go too as it will give the creator a place to start and will make your cake unique to you.
2. Other designs.
Do look at all of the other designs that your wedding cake consultant has done before. It will give you an idea as to their repertoire and skill set. They may have a plethora of designs that you have never even thought of.
3. Sampling.
Most artisan bakers will offer you samples of their creations, after all it’s not just about the design, titillating those taste buds is essential. Try different types of cake, sponge, flavours, frostings and finishing embellishments. If your Mother likes traditional cake, but you know the children will hate it, then why not opt for a tiered version, where each layer is a different type of cake. The options are endless.
4. Cupcakes and favours.
The trend for cupcakes has taken over. A tower of wedding cupcakes could consist of a variety of different flavours, get creative with the stand and how to display them, and the impact is incredible. Match up the boxes with the theme of the day, creating a tempting selection of delicious indulgences that will make wonderful gifts for your guests to take home.