Cheerleaders, Disney & Teddy the Chihuahua

Cheerleaders, Disney & Teddy the Chihuahua, yes a typical wedding day at Larmer Tree!

Presented with a foggy April morning and a WNW breeze, the delightful Fiona and Graham agreed their ceremony would be best placed in our beautifully light and modern new Pavilion.

Pavilion at Larmer Tree

A late afternoon ceremony meant Graham and friends had time to finish the final touches to the day’s events.   Having only returned from Las Vegas two days previous, I was pleased to see him at the rehearsal the day before.

With Disney songs playing in the background guests began to arrive. The sun eventually turned out and flooded through the Pavilion just in time for the bride’s arrival.

The bridal bouquet was a hand tied bouquet of pink and white roses arranged by Edwards Flowers. To add the personal touch, the bridal party set about creating wonderful hand tied bouquets for the bridesmaids and button holes for the gents.

Fiona arrived in a surprise chauffeur driven silver Mercedes by Amerc Group  and gracefully walked down the aisle from the Pavilion terrace, wearing an Enzoani lace fishtail dress from Chameleon Bridal Boutique in Bournemouth

The heartfelt ceremony encompassed two lovely readings ‘Apache Wedding Blessing’ and ‘How Falling in Love is like owning a Dog’ by Talor Mali, which gives reference to their special and very tiny four-legged friend, Teddy the chihuahua who was present and listening with all ears.

Bride and Groom with ChihuahuaOur newlyweds led guests onto the main lawn to enjoy reception drinks and beautifully prepared canapes by Forking Out and to partake in a game of badminton, croquet and various other gardens games.

Confetti shot at TempleGuests were entertained by Weymouth based wedding party band ‘The Sparks’ who performed an acoustic set on the Singing Theatre whilst Andrew Ward at Andrew Christopher Photography snapped away.

Guests made their way to the Victorian Jubilee Hall to cut their 3-tier wedding cake.  This was lovingly made by the groom’s sister Sarah and coated with 100’s and 1000’s. Surrounding the wedding cake were delicately finished cupcakes made by ‘Kim Coubrough’ a friend of the happy couple.

Speeches led seamlessly into the arrival of evening guests, who followed the Bride & Groom back to the Roman Temple to collect candle lanterns. These were launched on the dell creating an array of light and colour as the darkness drew in.

The first dance, a rendition of L-O-V-E by Michael Bublé, kicked off the evening entertainment with The Sparks filling the dance floor.

Whilst on the Jubilee Lawn, the Bride & Groom, both competent cheerleaders, performed some spectacular lifts to the surprise of onlooking guests, well it had to be done, of course!

Bride and Groom lifted by wedding party