Ancient and modern wedding traditions to add meaning and custom to your day.

Your wedding day is one that you would have been imagining for a long time, it’s a day to remember forever. Every moment should be cherished so every detail should be perfect for you. Whatever your heritage, beliefs or customs they are all important for many couples when tying the knot.
The very word bride is of Celtic origin, referring to a powerful goddess called Brigid. Other themes which incorporate friendship, love and luck can be embodied within the ceremony itself. Here are just a few ideas of ancient traditions that are used:
• The Bouquet – tucking a twig of shamrock into a bouquet is meant to signify good luck.
• During the marriage ceremony, the groom presents his bride with a silver coin and says, “I give you this as a token of all I possess.” The coin symbolizes his willingness to share all that he has or will have in the future.
• The horse-shoe – This charming tradition is based on the resemblance of the horseshoe to the crescent moon, an ancient symbol of fertility.
• Couples in ancient times were often married near some sort of water source such as lake, river or holy well, believed to be favoured by the Celtic gods. Wedding guests were given small stones to cast into the water while making a wish for the couple’s future happiness.
Celtic traditions permeate wedding vows and ceremonies, they have always been known for their simplicity and generally take place in natural environments, so an appropriate venue is highly important.