Alternative favours to rock your wedding

Creating a keepsake or special moment for your guests is all part of bringing everyone you love together. After hen and stag dos galore, the special event, however large or intimate is about sharing the bond you have with all the special people in your life, young, and old or absent. Wedding favours have been a tradition for centuries, although they have become far more imaginative as the years progress. Giving your guests something that’s appropriate to your day is a wonderful thank you to them and something they can cherish thereafter. Here are just a few ideas:
• Forget sugared almonds, tasty treats such as homemade cookies that are personalised make wonderful place settings as well as delectable delights.
• Tins of wild flower seeds are a beautiful gift, particularly for a spring/summer wedding.
• Mirrored tea light holders could be positioned at each guests setting, they will provide light at the table and can be taken away afterwards as permanent memorabilia.
• Personalised glasses are a fantastic way of making a toast to the happy couple and then taken home and subsequently used.
• Homemade lollipops – this is a lovely idea, why not make your own collection for your guests and set an edible flower in the centre. The flower that is chosen could then be held in the bouquet or used as decoration at the tables.
• Vintage brown luggage tags are a wonderful way of personalising any type of wedding favour that you choose to give your desk. Writing their names, yours and the date of the ceremony will all add gentle touches that show thought and love. They also make wonderful bookmarks!