Choosing A Winter Wedding Venue

Winter Weddings at Larmer Tree

The traditional spring and summer wedding is still a popular choice of year for many loved-up couples planning their wedding ceremony, but statistics in recent years have shown a steady increase in the number of couples choosing to get married during winter.

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to get married during the winter months, rather than the ever-popular summer months.

Keep the Theme Simple  – one reason to choose a winter wedding is that it lends itself to a simple wedding theme. A crackling fire can bring warmth to proceedings, fairy lights some magic and sparkle and mistletoe some fresh romance for guests.

Choose an Already Special Day – Not everyone wants to marry in high season, when dates can be tricky and friends are booking holidays. Quite often the move to winter can be made because of it coinciding with an anniversary of some sort, whether for the couple themselves, or a close relative.

Don’t Worry About the Weather – Worrying about the weather staying dry can be a huge source of stress during a summer wedding. A winter wedding means you can have no expectations and plan to expect the worse in weather, without it affecting the day. Good weather is an added bonus.

The Larmer Tree is aglow in autumn with the changing colour of the trees, the low light gives a warmth to your photographs and a lingering mist adds a bit of mystique to nuptials in December.

Larmer Tree is available for your wedding throughout the year, including the use of our fabulous Pavilion and elegant Victorian Jubilee Hall as part of the wedding ceremony and reception.

Call 01725 516971 and we’ll be happy to start planning your big day.

Winter Wedding Ceremony
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